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The Interpretation of Signs

External signs are abundant in Aboriginal culture. Whistling or ringing in the ears means an elder brother is trying to reach you and cracking sounds means a big event is coming. Being in the now can be a real high. When you really listen you begin to hear and are able to see and recognize … Continue reading

Hearing the Northern Lights

With dry, frizzy hair and eyeglasses on, stand next to a pine tree when the Northern Lights are in the sky, you might hear them as well as see them. Dry hair and pine needles vibrate to the same low frequency of the high energy particles from the solar winds. It is this stream of … Continue reading

Pets as Radiation Detectors

European Folk Lore tells of using animals as signs to settlers because they believes that animals were noted signalers of power places, that is places with good energy and low radiation. They watched and took warnings from the behavior of animals, both wild and their pets. It was believed that dogs will settle and sleep … Continue reading

German Folk Lore – Mental Invitation

German folklore maintained the belief that the first mental invitation for colds is your verbalization of it happening: “He just sneezed right at me, I’ve caught it now.” “I catch a cold every winter.” “I’m sick of it.” “It’s can’t take it anymore.” “What he/she said/did really hurt me.” They believed that your thoughts and … Continue reading

Thyroid Stimulation for Circulation

Sagging skin will benefit from using mud packs twice a month. Cover the face, neck and across the shoulders and upper portions of the neck, especially across the thyroid as this is an astringent and stimulation for better circulation throughout the entire body system.

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