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Biology of Belief

Having you ever had the experience of going to lift a heavy suitcase and you are jerked off balance because it actually was empty! Remember how your body reacted? Your body reacted that way because of the lightening quick reaction of your brain. That’s right, in a microseconds your brain estimated the expected weight of … Continue reading

Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

Lightly pinch up and down the insides of your arm for 20 seconds. The lighter the pinch, the better. This type of light pinching has a resetting effect trigging the “spindle cell” mechanism. This frees energy clogged in the area of the pain. A slight pinch signals the nervous system that releases trapped energy.

Serotonin and Melatonin on Sleep

Two chemicals, serotonin and melatonin play an important role in regulating sleep. Serotonin wakes you up, makes you feel energetic, alert and happy. Melatonin makes you feel drowsy and ready to sleep. Melatonin is actually converted from serotonin in response to exposure to light. When you’re exposed to bright light your brain makes serotonin; when … Continue reading

Releasing Negative Build Up

A good way to release negative build up is to rinse and wash the hands, wrists and up to the elbows in cold water without soap. This releases muscle tension as well and is good for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Exercise and Your Telomeres

Regular exercise prevents telomeres from shortening. In tests with twins, the difference in their telomeres was a much length as would equal nine years. The non-exercising twins died younger and probably looked older and more worn out.

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