Aging and the Mind

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A Future Historical Perspective

A Future Historical Perspective.

Time and Energy

Einstein’s famous equation demonstrated a connection between the gravitational effect of mass on time, linking energy with time through mass. Is there a possible equation connection between energy and time? Is it possible that people who have more energy have more time and not just the perception of it, but their moments are actually much … Continue reading

Depression’s Role in Cellular Aging

It’s useful to know how the body normally keeps its cells healthy (Greer, 1999). Your body’s cells don’t just hold standardized genetic information about who you are. They also need to monitor where in your body they are, so they know what their particular job is within that whole community of cells. The cells in … Continue reading

Exercise and Your Telomeres

Regular exercise prevents telomeres from shortening. In tests with twins, the difference in their telomeres was a much length as would equal nine years. The non-exercising twins died younger and probably looked older and more worn out.

Anxiety’s Consequences

Adrenals that are over used (read: exhausted), will make menopause worse. Conversely, women who go through a life crisis in their 30’s will actually not be affected as much by their menopause.

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