Aging and the Mind

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Excess Hair Growth

My doctor gave me this pure and simple explanation: most excesses androgen (male hormones) is caused by eating too much sugar and simple carbs in our diet. Sugar really is the granular demon!

Nature of Mind Chemistry

It is the nature of the mind that cures disease. Medicine, faith and alternative healers are nothing more than artificial aids to nature. They are mere methods of setting the chemistry of the mind in motion so that it readjusts the cells and tissues of the body, revitalizes the brain and otherwise causes the human … Continue reading

Menopausal Hot Flashes

Hot flashing occurs with a drop in estrogen. Estrogen naturally drops at night, therefore the reason for those hideous night sweats. Estrogen also drops just before menustration. You can keep track of your erratic cycles if you notice that your hot flashes are worse at certain times of the month. That is, if you are … Continue reading

Zinc’s Benefits

Age related problems, including loss of taste, loss of smell and prostrate problems in men. Zinc is instrumental in the functioning of the immune system as zinc increases T-cells, especially after the age of 70. T-Cells help find infection. A decline in zinc may be responsible for one of the leading causes of blindness in … Continue reading

Aging and the Mind

Edgar Cayce, the “Sleeping Prophet”, was once asked how someone could avoid aging in appearance. His simple reply was, “the mind.”

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