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Time and Energy

Einstein’s famous equation demonstrated a connection between the gravitational effect of mass on time, linking energy with time through mass. Is there a possible equation connection between energy and time? Is it possible that people who have more energy have more time and not just the perception of it, but their moments are actually much … Continue reading

Anxiety is an Energy Current

The anxiety we suffer, is in fact, our very life current. It is the energy we operate on. If anxiety is energy and energy is life, then it does not require a solution. It requires riding the energy wave into dissipation. For example, I use my anxious energy to get up, get out, or write. … Continue reading

Sensing the Aetheric Field in Conversation

There  are always two perceptions of reality taking place. In every conversation there are always two conversations going on, the obvious conscious conversation, and the almost imperceptible subconscious one. At the subconscious level we receive approximately four hundred million bits of information per second  and at the conscious level we only perceive around two thousand … Continue reading

Resonating With Others

The energy of people is what draws them to each other. It is a resonant harmonious vibration. Pay attention to how you feel around different people. Some people will make your body-aura feel like it is singing. Others give off the feeling you get when all the stadium lights go out after a game.Your front … Continue reading

Masters of Monitoring

Excessive watchfulness may be a necessary tool for abused people as they reach out with a radar to sense if a parent or partner are drunk, pissed off, irritated or angry enough to hit them. This is a survival method they become masters of. What these people develop is an “excessive delta brain state” that … Continue reading

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