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A Future Historical Perspective

A Future Historical Perspective.

The Interpretation of Signs

External signs are abundant in Aboriginal culture. Whistling or ringing in the ears means an elder brother is trying to reach you and cracking sounds means a big event is coming. Being in the now can be a real high. When you really listen you begin to hear and are able to see and recognize … Continue reading

Hearing the Northern Lights

With dry, frizzy hair and eyeglasses on, stand next to a pine tree when the Northern Lights are in the sky, you might hear them as well as see them. Dry hair and pine needles vibrate to the same low frequency of the high energy particles from the solar winds. It is this stream of … Continue reading

Sensing the Aetheric Field in Conversation

There  are always two perceptions of reality taking place. In every conversation there are always two conversations going on, the obvious conscious conversation, and the almost imperceptible subconscious one. At the subconscious level we receive approximately four hundred million bits of information per second  and at the conscious level we only perceive around two thousand … Continue reading

Resonating With Others

The energy of people is what draws them to each other. It is a resonant harmonious vibration. Pay attention to how you feel around different people. Some people will make your body-aura feel like it is singing. Others give off the feeling you get when all the stadium lights go out after a game.Your front … Continue reading

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