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Mirror of the Self

If you want to know when you are projecting your feelings onto another, one clue is negativity in the self, because projection is never neutral. It manifests as negative energy because what it is disguising is negative. Other mirrors to the self include: Humiliating others to hide your own humiliation. Superiority disguises your feelings of … Continue reading

Masters of Monitoring

Excessive watchfulness may be a necessary tool for abused people as they reach out with a radar to sense if a parent or partner are drunk, pissed off, irritated or angry enough to hit them. This is a survival method they become masters of. What these people develop is an “excessive delta brain state” that … Continue reading

HSP Characteristics – Highly Sensitive Persons

HSP’s tend to pick up subtleties quickly, especially those that others miss. These innate “sensor people”  were born to be the advisors and thinkers of the world. The spiritual and moral leaders of society. They make up 15-20% of society and only 30% of these people are extroverted. When this extroverted minority steps up to … Continue reading

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