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The Curse of Being on the Cover of Sports Illustrated

Appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated ought to be a blessing but for hundreds of sport stars it became a curse. There were so many incidents of accidents ending sports people’s careers that Sports Illustrated conducted its own investigation into “the curse of being on their cover.” Sports Illustrated found 913 examples of jinxes … Continue reading

The Interpretation of Signs

External signs are abundant in Aboriginal culture. Whistling or ringing in the ears means an elder brother is trying to reach you and cracking sounds means a big event is coming. Being in the now can be a real high. When you really listen you begin to hear and are able to see and recognize … Continue reading

German Folk Lore – Mental Invitation

German folklore maintained the belief that the first mental invitation for colds is your verbalization of it happening: “He just sneezed right at me, I’ve caught it now.” “I catch a cold every winter.” “I’m sick of it.” “It’s can’t take it anymore.” “What he/she said/did really hurt me.” They believed that your thoughts and … Continue reading

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