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A Future Historical Perspective

A Future Historical Perspective.

The Curse of Being on the Cover of Sports Illustrated

Appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated ought to be a blessing but for hundreds of sport stars it became a curse. There were so many incidents of accidents ending sports people’s careers that Sports Illustrated conducted its own investigation into “the curse of being on their cover.” Sports Illustrated found 913 examples of jinxes … Continue reading

Rhythms of Life

Sitting above “rhythm” is done by detachment. You literally place your soul’s aether above your circumstances. By observing life as a detached observer you discover that life’s problems and difficulties are learning opportunities. By detaching you can also observe other’s behavioral motivations, which reinforces your bird’s eye view. That is, that the situation has less … Continue reading

Trust – Knowing What You are Responsible For

We never trust anyone; you only trust your judgment about that person. So when someone lets you down, it’s easier to think – that someone did you wrong, rather than the reality, which is that you have lousy judgment. The mirror is hard to look into. If you work or live with someone who produces … Continue reading

Depression’s Role in Cellular Aging

It’s useful to know how the body normally keeps its cells healthy (Greer, 1999). Your body’s cells don’t just hold standardized genetic information about who you are. They also need to monitor where in your body they are, so they know what their particular job is within that whole community of cells. The cells in … Continue reading

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