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Mind, Self Imrovement, The Aether a.k.a the field, the matrix

Rhythms of Life

Sitting above “rhythm” is done by detachment. You literally place your
soul’s aether above your circumstances. By observing life as a detached
observer you discover that life’s problems and difficulties are learning opportunities.

By detaching you can also observe other’s behavioral motivations, which
reinforces your bird’s eye view. That is, that the situation has less to do with you than you thought.

When other people are involved and you practice this elevated detachment you will be able to see the many idiosyncrasies of people. You will learn not to take it personal, because it’s not about you after all. It’s all about them to them.

If you are the only one involved, and there are circumstances where this is the case, then you are the only witness to yourself as the only
participant. This can involve research and studying, travelling alone etc.

Fortunes of fate like gambling or chance encounters with people who are probably insignificant to your story, but not to the lesson, are important to self understanding. By detaching your self from these private encounters with fate, you find your purpose.

Edgar Cayce was recorded to have said that “the external guiding system is an invisible empire that exists around you.” It is an external
communication from another place. He maintains you receive information from external sources all the time, just know it and begin to pay attention.

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