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Depression’s Role in Cellular Aging

It’s useful to know how the body normally keeps its cells healthy (Greer, 1999). Your body’s cells don’t just hold standardized genetic information about who you are. They also need to monitor where in your body they are, so they know what their particular job is within that whole community of cells. The cells in … Continue reading

Manuka Oil

Heals skin quickly, scars, marks, etc. Captain Cook brought it back from the islands.

Thyroid Stimulation for Circulation

Sagging skin will benefit from using mud packs twice a month. Cover the face, neck and across the shoulders and upper portions of the neck, especially across the thyroid as this is an astringent and stimulation for better circulation throughout the entire body system.

Excess Hair Growth

My doctor gave me this pure and simple explanation: most excesses androgen (male hormones) is caused by eating too much sugar and simple carbs in our diet. Sugar really is the granular demon!

Steiva A Cream

My dermatologist told me that a prescription for Steiva A Cream is the best thing anyone can get for their skin. Nothing on the market comes close to it. (so far as this writing Summer 2012)

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