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The Curse of Being on the Cover of Sports Illustrated

Appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated ought to be a blessing but for hundreds of sport stars it became a curse. There were so many incidents of accidents ending sports people’s careers that Sports Illustrated conducted its own investigation into “the curse of being on their cover.” Sports Illustrated found 913 examples of jinxes … Continue reading

Breast Cancer Awareness – Humble Beginnings

Georgia Sadlers’ final cause was to increase the awareness of diabetes and breast cancer in the black community of San Diego. She was looking for maximum effect, so she used hairstylists to spread their awareness. With a captive audience and a trusting relationship with their clients, hairdressers were the ultimate, though not obvious, answer.She used … Continue reading


Tears contain lysozyme, an enzyme that kills bacteria and prevents infection.

Excess Hair Growth

My doctor gave me this pure and simple explanation: most excesses androgen (male hormones) is caused by eating too much sugar and simple carbs in our diet. Sugar really is the granular demon!

Combating Airplane Air Germs

Too bad you can’t just open a window on an airplane. All those trapped germs in the recycled air we are all breathing. Yuck. Do what I do, put as dab of antibiotic cream in your nostrils before you board the plane. That’s an old traveler’s trick my brother told me about.

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