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A handful a day (1 ounce) can decrease waist size up to 14%. Almonds contain satiating monounsaturated oil which blocks fat absorption.

Eat your Fruit before your Protein

If you eat fruit after you eat protein it will trap in the stomach and ferment and this will cause your belly to bloat.

Bloat Reduction

Sit 30 minutes in an Epsom salt water bath. It rids the body entirely of water bloat.

Cider Detox

8 oz. of hot water 1 Tblsp cider vinegar Juice from ½ lemon Mix and drink. This healthy drink reduces all of the toxins from your glands and gives you extra energy.

Moon’s Influence on Weight

During the waxing moon the body puts on weight more easily. Conversely during the waning moon our bodies drop weight more easily. In the waxing moon, keep your meals light and remember that late night eating of fatty or sweet foods will push your weight up quicker at this time. It is also a good … Continue reading

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