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Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

Lightly pinch up and down the insides of your arm for 20 seconds. The lighter the pinch, the better. This type of light pinching has a resetting effect trigging the “spindle cell” mechanism. This frees energy clogged in the area of the pain. A slight pinch signals the nervous system that releases trapped energy.

Releasing Negative Build Up

A good way to release negative build up is to rinse and wash the hands, wrists and up to the elbows in cold water without soap. This releases muscle tension as well and is good for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Computer Mouse Health Tips

The following guidelines will help you avoid musculoskeletal injuries related to mousing. Postural variation is crucial to good ergonomics. Try to vary your wrist and arm posture when you work with a mouse, this will help you to minimize the risk of injury. Remember, the best ergonomic design in the world will not replace correct … Continue reading

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