The Aether a.k.a the field, the matrix

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A Future Historical Perspective

A Future Historical Perspective.

Rhythms of Life

Sitting above “rhythm” is done by detachment. You literally place your soul’s aether above your circumstances. By observing life as a detached observer you discover that life’s problems and difficulties are learning opportunities. By detaching you can also observe other’s behavioral motivations, which reinforces your bird’s eye view. That is, that the situation has less … Continue reading

The Interpretation of Signs

External signs are abundant in Aboriginal culture. Whistling or ringing in the ears means an elder brother is trying to reach you and cracking sounds means a big event is coming. Being in the now can be a real high. When you really listen you begin to hear and are able to see and recognize … Continue reading

Sensing the Aetheric Field in Conversation

There  are always two perceptions of reality taking place. In every conversation there are always two conversations going on, the obvious conscious conversation, and the almost imperceptible subconscious one. At the subconscious level we receive approximately four hundred million bits of information per second  and at the conscious level we only perceive around two thousand … Continue reading

Entangled Connectivity

As long as we are alive nothing we do is ever really finished. Every thought, word and action still has the potential to be played on again.

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