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The Interpretation of Signs

External signs are abundant in Aboriginal culture. Whistling or ringing in the ears means an elder brother is trying to reach you and cracking sounds means a big event is coming.

Being in the now can be a real high. When you really listen you begin to hear and are able to see and recognize these signs as a form of inner truth.

Personal messages can exist between the words that are said aloud. Even causal talk with strangers, such as waiting in line, can garner amazing messages. This is because there are two parallel universes, the obvious material universe and the underlying mystical universe. By shifting your focus, and quietIng your mind, you gain great wisdom.

Archetypal and Universal Signs

When thousands of people for hundreds of years focus on a sign or symbol, an aetheric energy is generated around that sign and it is held in the collective unconscious.

Anytime someone focuses on a particular sign, they are connecting with a force that has been created through the years by others that have used the same symbol. Signs and symbols can also change. An example is the Sanskrit wheel that stood for power, alchemy and good luck. This sign, later adapted by Hitler’s Nazi party, would become a symbol of genocide and hate.

Signs Around You

The signs in your life constantly reflect your subconscious beliefs about the world around you. If you want to discover what is occurring within the depths of your being at any time just look at and listen to the signs around you.

The emanations from your energy field will draw people into your life, who reflect what you feel; disappointment, untrustworthiness, anger or
positives such as generosity, magnanimity, kindness or patience.

These people are signs that you either have this unconscious belief about people or that you have this trait in yourself, or more likely, that you feel you have this trait, whether you do or not.

Verbal expressions of your everyday conversation can reveal messages to you as well.  Phrases like “I can’t stand it”, or “I’m sick of it”, show connections to your feelings. If you repeatedly voice a phrase, you will very likely reap what you speak. “I’ll catch pneumonia”  “I’m not lucky.”

Guard your thoughts and guard your words.

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