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Faulty Parenting

“The Immature mother does not notice or appreciate what is different from her. ”

Nikola Tesla on Human Energy

“Our bodies are quite capable of conducting and of producing energy.” Nikola Tesla

Sage Advice

“Buy quality and weep once.” In other words: the price might be an initial shock to your wallet but you won’t suffer the extra pain of having to replace what you bought a year from now because you went cheap.

Kurt Vonnegut Observes

“There is a planet in the Solar System where the people are so stupid they didn’t catch on for a million years that there was another half to their planet. They didn’t figure that out until five hundred years ago! Only five hundred years! And yet they are calling themselves Homo Sapiens.”

An Indelible Imprint

“The good news is that the body believes exactly what you beleive. That’s also the bad news.” CF

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