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Energy States, Frequency, The Aether a.k.a the field, the matrix

Sensing the Aetheric Field in Conversation

There  are always two perceptions of reality taking place. In every conversation there are always two conversations going on, the obvious conscious conversation, and the almost imperceptible subconscious one. At the subconscious level we receive approximately four hundred million bits of information per second  and at the conscious level we only perceive around two thousand bits per second.

Our subconscious is analyzing and sorting data all the time at tachyon speed. It picks up everything in the subtle bodies and in the surrounding aetheric matrix. The aether is made up of EM (electromagnetic) waves of all the thoughts and energies of the bodies in the room.

To sense this energy is to pay attention to what your subconscious is picking up. It is within your natural ability to hone this sense.  This second sense can detect changes in the field and it can interpret what the impression is. Just like we can tell the difference with our eyes closed if we are touching a feather pillow or a bed frame, our intuitive sense can tell the difference between the “sharp dent of anger” versus the “soft curve of contentment” in the aether around the other person.

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