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German Folk Lore – Mental Invitation

German folklore maintained the belief that the first mental invitation for colds is your verbalization of it happening:

“He just sneezed right at me, I’ve caught it now.”
“I catch a cold every winter.”
“I’m sick of it.”
“It’s can’t take it anymore.”
“What he/she said/did really hurt me.”

They believed that your thoughts and mental state could produce illness and injury to the self.

German folklore also includes an odd preventative measure which recommends that you regularly position your toes in your shoes as if you were going to take hold of something with them. This exerts a strong, and sometimes painful but massaging pressure on certain points on the tips of your toes.

This pressure stimulates the circulation of energy in the body, which has a favorable effect on colds just starting or already existing.

The Germans also maintain that wearing red clothing in the winter keeps colds and chills away. Based on color therapy it is especially recommended to wear red socks and red underwear.

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