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Pets as Radiation Detectors

European Folk Lore tells of using animals as signs to settlers because they believes that animals were noted signalers of power places, that is places with good energy and low radiation. They watched and took warnings from the behavior of animals, both wild and their pets.

It was believed that dogs will settle and sleep in good spots.

The tradition of where storks and swallows nest brings good luck stems from this ancient art of identifying both the good and bad vibration of places. Other animals include wild birds, horses, cows, pigs, sheep and hens.

An exception to this rule is cats (of course they would be the exception).

Cats, as well as insects, worms and bacteria will lie in radiant places. They prefer and thrive in spots that are unfavorable for people. Ants and bees likewise will build their nests at the intersection of two lines of force, ie: very bad spots.

Cats often lie on an intersection or any place with a strong negative radiation. They absorb radiations that are harmful and discharge them again in the open air. By the way, cats really should be allowed to run outside to decontaminate themselves, but with city bylaws enabling cat snatchers to swoop up your favorite pet, I wouldn’t recommend it for city cats.

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