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Mirror Mirror – What is Our Self Identity?

In the 1950’s  plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz noticed that after plastic surgery many of his patients did not see any changes in themselves when they looked in the mirror, even after significant plastic surgery.
Dr. Maltz studied the dynamics of self image and discovered an internal self-correcting process he called the psycho-cybernetic mechanism.
According to Maltz, any change we make in our lives, whether it is financial, health, spiritual, relational or career, it takes us out of our comfort zone and sends chemicals to signals our nervous system. Our brain picks up these as doubt, fear and anxiety. The brain automatically interprets this as danger and prompts us to make whatever adjustments necessary to return us to our previous state.

The trick for us is to recognize that fear for it’s negative potential and take hold of that fear as the electrical current of life. We need to recognize our resistance to change and consciously move into our new state of being with excitement. We can do this by reframing our feeling of fear – as the electrical current of life!

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