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Energy States

Energy States – Styles of Energy

Your feelings of energy are a symptom of your current health both physical and mental. But keep in mind that your own estimation determines your ability. It’s a Zen Trick (More under the category “Esoteric”)

Below are the four types of energy currents we move in, with ways to recognize or convert the energy state your are in.

Calm-Energy: is a state of arousal that is energetic without any fatigue or tension.

Calm-Tiredness: is the good feeling you have after a challenging but successful day, after a good meal or vigorous exercise. You feel calm but relaxed.

Convert Calm-Tiredness into Calm-energy by going for a quick 10 minute walk.

Tense-Energy: is a natural high working at peak performance at something you are good at. The feeling is pleasant but not relaxed. This type of energy has an edginess to it and can appeal to adrenal junkies.

Tense-Tiredness:  is the state of a completely negative mood that takes over when you are overexerted, stressed out or feel incapable of coping. Irritability, anxiety and depression is the overall energy state. This state also attracts arguments, and generates a feeling of frustration and hopelessness.

Convert Tense-Tiredness by taking a nap.

Other ways you can convert energy are through drugs, coffee, socialization and listening to music!

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